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    Glass Door Handles

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    Glass Door Locks / Clips

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Glass Door Handles

Glass Door Handles

Hardware is the soul of customized furniture. Glass door handles, like buttons on clothes, also convey the beauty of art. In the era of both beauty and practicality, a set of perfectly customized furniture naturally needs beautiful handles to set off. The joy of cheap price is fleeting, but the pain of inferior quality is hard to disappear.

Glass Door Locks / Clips

Glass Door Locks / Clips

Nowadays, the widespread use of tempered glass doors has led consumers to increasingly pursue high-quality glass door hardware products, and glass door locks/clips are important accessories in glass hardware. Then we can refer to Sateer’s stainless steel lock clip, our glass door locks/clips are suitable for 8-12mm tempered glass doors, and also has different specifications of lower clips, upper clips, and curved clips. The shaft can be used with various floor springs and has great advantages in terms of service life and anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.

Shower Door Hinges

Shower Door Hinges

Bathroom clips are also called bathroom door hinges. They are stylish and beautiful in appearance and easy to install. Now bathrooms are popular with frameless shower rooms, some glass door hinges and glass hinges. Among them, bathroom clips are the most widely used.

The material of the bathroom clip can be divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy. The bathroom clip made of stainless steel does not require electroplating, so there will be no blistering or mildew after a long time, and the bearing capacity is better.

Sliding Door Rollers

Sliding Door Rollers

Shower door runners are suitable for frameless glass doors and can be installed with anchor chains or access control electric locks. Matching the needs of the facade design, the styles are complete, and the doors can be opened and closed effectively, showing the overall frameless consistency.

Bathroom door rollers: Choose our advantages: professional production, styles that can be customized, and suitable for customers with different needs. Durable, long service life of the material, saving the cost of multiple purchases. Factory direct sales, factory direct supply first business transactions, reducing middlemen to earn the difference. Quality assurance, we have been focusing on the industry for many years, carefully selected raw materials, and choose with confidence.

Shower door runners: 5 major advantages and highlights, quality assurance: 1. No harmful substances, made of 304 stainless steel, free of heavy metals. 2. Durable and not deformed, made of solid material, sturdy and durable, strong bearing capacity and not deformed. 3. Corrosion resistance, surface grinding treatment, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust. 4. Quality assured, factory direct sales, rest assured to buy, worry-free after-sales. 5. The appearance is beautiful, the overall appearance design is simple and generous, and it is more classy.


Expertizing with great industrial experience during the past 30 years, Sateer has been raised up to become a professional aluminum molding and heating solutions high-tech enterprise integrating strong R&D capability, reliable quality control system and consistent manufacturing capacity.  Sateer has been successfully serving for hundreds of global.

As we all know, as important as the walls and doors that make up the space are the handles of the glass doors. With the right choice of handles and handles, glass doors are both functional and beautiful. Because of this, Sateer offers a wide variety of glass door pulls for any project required.


Say goodbye to ugly clips! Replacing the age-old method we’ve known for years, our new bathroom clamps offer improved aesthetics, operation and functionality. Not to mention, the installation procedure is simple and convenient, and you can do it yourself at home, and you can cut your installation time in half!


Exquisite and streamlined sliding door accessories can bring a new experience and visual sense to your home or your office area. It is suitable for various office scenes and home scenes in the construction industry.

It can be installed not only on traditional glass doors, but also on delicate glass doors on balconies, allowing you to push and pull easily, and you can look at different scenery at a glance, feel the oncoming wind, and have a unique experience.

Client Needs

Client Needs

Confirm Order Details

Confirm Order Details

Confirm Order

Confirm Order

Production Process

Production Process

Production Time

Production Time

Quality Control

Quality Control

Shipment Preparation

Shipment Preparation

After-sales Service

After-sales Service


Our professionals are happy to offer you a professional solution consultancy based on your request. Our satisfied long-term partnership clients have covered more than 30 countries all over the world since 1993.


Sateer is a high-tech enterprise committed to the door control hardware industry, integrating product design, development, manufacturing and sales, with strong technical force, advanced production equipment, advanced modern enterprise, management and outstanding staff.

Our company mainly manufactures glass door locks, glass door handles, and other door control hardware products.

Product quality and service reflect the value of the company, but also a kind of social responsibility. We will take the needs of consumers as the brand development goal, deepen the core concept of quality first, optimize production and sales and other links, and serve every consumer wholeheartedly.

Excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect service. Our products are well received by customers at home and abroad. We continue to adhere to the tenet of “excellent quality, credit first” and wholeheartedly welcome customers to call and negotiate to create prosperity and mutual benefit.

“Sateer” brand has witnessed our years’ course of development, our rises and falls in the business ocean, our constant learning and absorbing of successful enterprise culture, and our constant trying and exploring in the direction of “surviving on quality and developing on reputation”, and our basic guideline of ego, self, and superego as well as pragmatics in cause. In internal management, we pursue the guideline of loving the cause, loving the enterprise, and loving customers based on raising the “quality baseline, qualification baseline, and image baseline” of the whole staff, constantly strengthening our sense of responsibility and mission in society. Facing the world and looking forward to the future, Sateer will, as always, adhere to the spirit of struggling for quality excellence and strive to keep our faith, and steadily pursue high taste and high-quality life together with you. Sateer Ltd will continue to create “brand culture concept” quality products and face the society to provide wholehearted services, to let customers truly feel that life is not just a kind of existence form, but also a kind of enjoyment, a kind of progress and a kind of pursuit! With the breakthrough and development of science and technology, Sateer will enter into thousands of buildings, becoming the most trustworthy hardware product to beautify your life.

Sateer will join hands with domestic and foreign customers to create a better future!

  • R&D

    Continuous innovation, continuous breakthrough. Cross borders, break the world.

    Based on the introduction of new materials, new technologies, new achievements,
    and our company’s intellectual property rights, Sateer has established a unique
    R&D, production, and management system. The leading products are door
    control hardware products such as glass door locks and glass door handles. In
    addition, sample manufacturing and processing of special products can be
    provided. The company has advanced production equipment and technology and has a
    group of professional teams. The annual production of products is about 1
    million sets (pieces), and the Sateer enterprise has obtained the invention
    patent certificate and copyright certificate. Since the company’s expansion, the
    factory has been flooded with more powerful employees and more educated
    managers. The company has more than 100 employees and has introduced 30
    precision CNC machine tools of better level to provide better quality products
    for the factory’s products.


    Work hard on quality.

    Well-known domestic and imported brands, providing customers with higher
    specification options.

    Heavy can also have quantity.

    Covering all product requirements and effectively integrating for customers.

    Sateer Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. always regards quality as the most
    important thing and only uses the highest quality materials. We also strictly
    monitor the entire production process and continuously improve our production
    technology. The highest quality standards are applied throughout the entire
    process, from material selection, process monitoring to pre-delivery inspection.
    High-quality products are made from well-tested materials, and the entire
    production process is under very strict control, we have the best people, the
    latest equipment, and implement the highest standards, our hardware accessories
    meet industry standards and will definitely bring value to you with superior
    quality and availability, we believe in total quality and emphasize prevention
    over detection. That’s why we use only the best materials and techniques to
    produce hardware, and our advanced manufacturing systems and skilled workforce
    allow us to work on your schedule to deliver the consistently high-quality
    hardware you expect.


    Sophisticated and detailed.

    Customized services that can be processed and customized to meet customer needs
    in an all-round way.

    Production Process:

    First of all, before processing hardware compensation parts, you must clearly see
    the content of the process flow, clearly know the part, shape, and size of the
    drawings to be processed, and know the processing content of the next process.
    Before processing raw materials and clamping, it is necessary to measure whether
    the size of the blank meets the requirements of the drawing, and it must be
    carefully checked whether its placement is consistent with the programmed
    instructions. After the rough machining of the processing technology is
    completed, self-checking should be carried out in time, so as to adjust the data
    with errors in time.

    The main content of self-inspection is the position and size of the processing

    1. Whether there is looseness in the machining process of mechanical parts.

    2. Whether the part processing technology is correct to touch the starting point.

    3. Whether the size from the machining part of the CNC part to the reference edge
    (reference point) meets the requirements of the drawing.

    4. The position and size of the CNC machining parts relative to each other.
    Measure the roughed shape ruler (except arcs) after checking the position

    Parts are finished after roughing confirmation. Before finishing, self-check the
    shape and size of the drawing part: check the basic length and width of the
    processing part of the vertical plane; measure the base point size marked on the
    drawing for the processing part of the inclined plane. After completing the
    self-inspection of the parts and confirming that they are in line with the
    drawings and process requirements, the workpiece can be removed and sent to the
    inspector for special inspection. When encountering small batch processing of
    precision parts, batch processing is required after the first part is confirmed
    to be qualified.


    Service first, customer first.

    1. According to customer needs, customers can carry out laser marking on
    conventional products, and manufacturers can also produce products and laser
    marking according to different requirements of customers. For example, the
    accessories in the handle connection can be made of iron, stainless steel,
    aluminum or copper. Packaging design can use standard conventional packaging or
    design packaging solutions provided by customers.

    2. After confirming the order details, the customer sends the product logo format
    to the manufacturer for confirmation and communicates to determine the logo
    printing position.

    Assembling design drawings or documents of products and packaging that need to be
    sent to customers.

    3. Confirm the order, after negotiating details such as product specifications,
    delivery date and payment terms, confirm the contract and pay the deposit.

    4. Production process, make production plan to control delivery time and perform
    input process quality control to ensure product quality.

    5. Production time, our average production lead time is 30 days.

    6. Quality control, the quality team conducts OQC to ensure the quality of the
    finished product before allowing storage. Video and pictures of the inspection
    process can be recorded and sent to customers.

    7. Shipment preparation, notify the customer of the shipment preparation, and the
    customer pays the balance. Loading photos will be taken and sent to customers.

    Customs clearance documents will be issued as they become available.

    8. After-sales service, if there is any problem with the product, please contact
    our corresponding sales staff to determine the problem and transfer it to our
    after-sales service department. Our technical staff will reply within 24 hours
    and provide guidance through photos or videos. Give a solution. If the problem
    is still not solved, our technicians will judge, discuss and test the solution
    given by the guide, and make sure that the product can be repaired and the
    customer can understand.