Expertizing with a great industrial experience during the past 30 years, SATEER has been raised up to become a professional aluminum molding and heating solutions high-tech enterprise integrating strong R&D capability, reliable quality control system and consistent manufacturing capacity.  SATEER has been successfully serving for hundreds of global.

Sliding Door Rollers

Exquisite and streamlined sliding door accessories can bring a new experience and visual sense to your home or your office area. It is suitable for various office scenes and home scenes in the construction industry.

It can be installed not only on traditional glass doors, but also on delicate glass doors on balconies, allowing you to push and pull easily, and you can look at different scenery at a glance, feel the oncoming wind, and have a unique experience.


Shower Hinge

Say goodbye to ugly clips! Replacing the age-old method we’ve known for years, our new bathroom clamps offer improved aesthetics, operation and functionality. Not to mention, the installation procedure is simple and convenient, and you can do it yourself at home, and you can cut your installation time in half!


Glass Door Handle

As we all know, as important as the walls and doors that make up the space are the handles of the glass doors. With the right choice of handles and handles, glass doors are both functional and beautiful. Because of this, Sateer offers a wide variety of glass door pulls for any project required.