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When it comes to hanging wheels, I believe most people are unfamiliar with it.

In daily home life, it is widely used in wooden doors, glass doors and aluminum frame doors and other places. One door can distinguish work and entertainment, study and rest, public and private, and effectively solve the problem of less and less living space. question. However, since most people are unfamiliar with this concept, it is easy to be ignored when purchasing decoration. However, whether the sliding door at home is easy to use, 80% is reflected by the hardware, especially the hanging wheel, the top priority.

Every Step, Unbiased

When the ordinary hanging wheel slides, it is easy to get stuck, and the pushing and pulling is not smooth. The main problems are: the hanging wheel is unbalanced, the cooperation with the slide rail is not tacit, and it is easy to be stuck when pushing and sliding.

Sateer hanging wheel, the unique innovative inclined round wheel structure in the industry, the overall outer contour of the wheel is a circular arc surface, and the center of the track can be automatically calibrated during the sliding process to ensure that the wheel can still be installed when there is a deviation between the track and the door leaf. It is closely attached to the track surface, so that the force of the wheel is balanced, and the pushing and pulling is more stable.

Strong Load-bearing, Not Easy to Deform

Sateer special ball bearing has scientific flow ball distribution in the bearing, small friction coefficient, high transmission efficiency, can support the bearing evenly, and make the wheel roll smoothly and silently. Not only that, the gap between the bearing rolling element and the inner and outer ring shells of the bearing is also reasonably set. Even if it is in a static state for a long time, it can bear the weight of the door. The bearing capacity is super strong and it is not easy to deform. Smooth and smooth operation.

Long-lasting As New, Sturdy and Durable

The existing ordinary hanging wheel wheels on the market are made of nylon plastic outer ring material. After a long time of use, the periphery of the wheel will be worn and missing corners, burrs on the surface, cracks, and even deformation, resulting in unsmooth pushing and pulling and loud noise during operation. . The outer ring of the wheel of the satel crane is made of imported new synthetic resin material, which has high wear resistance, high strength and high toughness. It will not lint or crack after long-term use. Caton situation, at the same time during operation, effectively eliminate the noise in the sliding.

Quiet Buffer Hydraulic Damping

Anti-pinch, anti-rebound, quiet and durable

In daily life, have you ever tried to close the door with a bang, but accidentally caught your hand? When there are family members sleeping or in a quiet office, do you have to be careful when opening and closing the door, for fear that the door will be too loud to disturb others?

Sateer cranes use high-quality buffer hydraulic cylinders that are much higher than the industry standard. The buffer damping is smooth and smooth. And with the theme of high-quality zinc alloy, the surface treatment process is exquisite, anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant. In addition, after strict testing in the laboratory environment, its service life can reach 200,000 times. According to 20 switches per day, it can be used for more than 20 years, and it is sturdy and durable.

Easy Installation and Convenient Use

Buckle, side insertion, adjustable structure on rail

The hanging wheel is the key to the sliding door switch. If it is not properly selected and used for a short period of time, it will be damaged, so that the sliding door cannot be used well; in addition, the installation of the sliding door hanging wheel is also a technical task. Improper installation of the sliding door hanging wheel will not only damage our sliding door but also affect the quality of our use. There are three types of hoisting structures for Sateer hoisting wheels, namely: formal installation, side insertion, and side insertion adjustable on the rail. At the same time, the side is inserted into the adjustable structure of the rail, and the connecting screw can be adjusted through the Allen wrench to make it lift relative to the hanging wheel, thereby driving the door leaf to lift and adjust the gap between the door leaf and the guide rail, which is convenient for moving the door leaf. Adjust the distance from the guide rail.

Whether the sliding door is smooth, quiet and durable depends on the hanging wheel. A good pair of hoisting wheels not only has a strong load-bearing capacity, but also has smooth push-pull, stable and silent operation, convenient installation, etc. It can run for a long time without being stuck.

Sateer, a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of hanging wheels, has broken through the technical barriers of the West, imported advanced hardware production equipment and technology from other countries, established a professional R&D technical team, and invested more money to build a hanging wheel production line. So far, Sutter has launched dozens of crane products. Its hanging wheel products have the advantages of easy and smooth sliding, quiet and durable, convenient and quick installation, etc., creating a story in the sliding door industry.”



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