• Glass Door Handles

    Glass Door Handles

    Glass door handles are door hardware items used to open or close glass doors. Modern glass door handles add the finishing touch to a beautiful glass door aesthetic. Glass door handles, like buttons on clothes, also convey the beauty of art. In the era of both beauty and practicality, a set of perfectly customized furniture naturally needs beautiful handles to set off. If you have a glass door, you would like to find a good glass door handle. Sateer offers an extensive selection of glass shower door hardware such as glass door handles to fit project needs. Our modern glass door handles come in various styles and specifications.
  • Glass Door Locks / Clips

    Glass Door Locks / Clips

    Nowadays, the widespread use of tempered glass doors has led consumers to increasingly pursue high-quality glass door hardware products, and the frameless glass door lock is an important accessory in glass hardware. Sateer frameless glass door locks and shower door clips are constructed of high-quality stainless steel, making them highly durable and rust-resistant. In addition, our frameless glass door locks also go through the process of advanced polishing process with sanding finishing which makes them stable, safe, and reliable. High-quality stainless steel frameless glass door locks are easy to install and provide users with maximum security.
  • Shower Door Hinges

    Shower Door Hinges

    Proper glass shower door hinges are important to maximize the functional benefits of glass enclosures. Without proper glass shower door hinges, glass shower doors can become damaged, cracked, or even cracked. Glass shower door hinges are critical as they are responsible for holding the glass door in place. The material of the shower door hinges can be divided into stainless steel, copper, and zinc alloy. Sateer shower door hinges are made of stainless steel, without electroplating, they will not foam and mold after a long time of use and have better bearing capacity. They are also stylish and beautiful in appearance and easy to install.
  • Sliding Door Rollers

    Sliding Door Rollers

    Sliding door rollers are suitable for frameless glass doors and can be installed with anchor chains or access control electric locks. To meet the needs of the facade design, the styles of sliding door rollers are complete, and the doors can be opened and closed effectively, showing the overall frameless consistency. Sateer has been focusing on the industry for many years, the raw materials are carefully selected, and the products are durable. Shower door rollers offer the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and aesthetics. Our sliding door rollers come in many different types and can meet your needs across a variety of different applications.