Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers

Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers
Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers
Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers
Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers
Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers
Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers
Bathroom Sliding Shower Door Rollers

Four Highlights

High-quality stainless steel, easy installation, good crash resistance, easy to clean. Every advantage proves the quality of the product.

Product Details Display

1. Precision casting process, which is processed by precision casting process, which is characterized by long service life and not easy to break.

2. The preferred material is 304 stainless steel, which can effectively improve the overall quality of the product.

3. Safe design, using thickened panel and built-in glue to clamp the glass more firmly, it is safer to use.

4. Flexible and compatible, it can be used for glass with a thickness of 8-12MM, with good bearing capacity and wide applicability.

Warm Prompt

Warm Reminder: This product is made of non-ferrous metals. It is forbidden to use all acid and alkali products for cleaning, otherwise it will cause the surface of the product to corrode. Regular maintenance is recommended.

About Product Maintenance

1. Please keep the metal surface dry. In case of rainy days, please keep ventilated to prevent moisture from contacting the metal surface for a long time.

2. Do not use corrosive detergents and acidic cleaners, such as bleach, vinegar, etc.

3. Use a soft wet towel to wipe the surface. After cleaning, use a dry soft towel to wipe the surface water.

4. If the lock dragon does not rotate flexibly, you can scrape the graphite powder from the pencil, gently blow it into the lock cylinder, and then turn it with the key several times. Do not inject other liquid lubricants.

5. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the edges and corners of the entire product every three months. Long-term deposition of stains is prone to chemical reactions. Regular maintenance can keep the surface gloss and efficient performance for a long time.

Bathroom Door Runners Product Installation Sequence

1. The positioner is connected with the guide rail and then fixed.

2. Connect the tube sleeve to the guide rail and then fix it.

3. The bottom nail of the pipe sleeve is connected to the wall and then fixed.

4. The guide rail sleeve is connected to the bottom nail and then fixed.

5. Install the pipe clamp and the fixed glass to connect with the guide rail and then fix it.

6. Connect the swing stopper to the ground and then fix it.

7. The eccentric wheel is connected with the moving glass and then fixed.

8. Install anti-jumping nails after the eccentric wheel is connected to the guide rail.

9. Please adjust the position of all products to ensure the smooth movement of the glass, and then tighten the screw to fasten the glass.

10. Please install it according to the correct installation process and use it within the normal range, and the hardware should not be in contact with acidic substances.

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